Subaru EJ205 Engine Rebuild

Over the course of the summer and fall of 2010 I completely rebuilt the engine in my Subaru WRX with the help of my co-founder and father (he plays both roles). This was not a project taken on completely willingly – rather, my engine developed a nasty bout of spun rod bearing sounds, and after diagnosis I ended up replacing the entire shortblock and rebuilding the engine.


It sounded nasty, like this:

I checked the valve clearances. Pretty close to spec.

Pulling Engine

No choice but to pull engine and check inside (if it was true, I would have had to pull it anyway, so let’s just get it over with).

Bearings looked bad, the nr.4 cylinder bearing was gone:


Subaru makes many closely related blocks. EJ205, EJ255, EJ207, EJ257. These then have different heads that mate to them. And different internals. Aftermarket components quadruples this list. What to do?

EJ255 or EJ257 block?

EJ207 block?

Stock EJ205 block?

Rebuilding to stock EJ255

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