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Silicon Valley Is Not A Fun Place.

Silicon valley really isn’t a very fun place (and neither is Stanford). And by that I mean, it doesn’t see “fun” as a goal or holds it as a value, and the accompanying ideas of mirth, mischief, and playfulness, is at best seen as things you do at Burning Man, and at worst, as childlike and distracting.

It’s very serious, even stodgy. And the majority of the products being built here is very serious. Very Serious. We Will Disrupt The World serious.

A great example of tech that IS fun, playful and mischief is the Swedish company  Teenage Engineering! I can’t imagine TE being a Silicon Valley company. Maaaaybe a San Francisco company, maybe.

But this is not the popular view of Silicon Valley and the Tech industry! I have this hunch… The idea of the tech industry as this fun, buccaneering, pirate ship of counter culture forward thinking is, for the most part, just the afterglow of the 60s and Apple marketing campaigns.