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How to spend a day seeing the debaucherous and depraved underbelly of beautiful San Francisco.

Start at 2pm.
- Hike from Baker Beach across the Golden Gate
- Stop at the Presidio Yacht Club for a Frenet and PBR
- Uber to Toronado for a Blood Orange Sour
- Step into Rosamunde next door for Sausages
- Wander down Haight to The Alembic for a mezcal cocktail and a ramos gin fizz
- Uber to Comstock Saloon for mezcal, neat
- Step over to City Lights Books for poetry reading
- Sit down at Vesuvious for a whiskey and frenet
- Uber to Box for burgers
- Get rowdy in The Tempest for a High Life and Whiskey
- Run to Standing Room Only / Oddjob for a mezcal manhattan and a fancy frenet with Ashley the Bartender
- End up at a friends’ place for impromptu ┬ájam session with whatever instruments you can find.
Go to sleep at 6am