Motorcycle shops and parts places for vintage japanese bikes in the Bay Area

So far I’ve had great success with or good recommendations for the following places for service and parts for my Kawasaki KZ650-B2:

  • O’Hanlon Motorcycles for top notch service, advice and parts. Under a $100 per hour!
  • Hayasa Motorcycles in Oakland
  • Golden Gate Cycles for parts
  • Werkstatt if you have to, they have parts and stuff but they’re not very nice.
  • Berkeley Performance Motorcycles & Service
  • Hayward Cycle Salvage if you ‘re okay with digging through boxes
  • Fremont Cycle Salvage, again, if you’re okay with digging through boxes for second hand parts.

Of course there are internet retailers as well, but these are the places to call if you need parts right away.

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