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I find myself using OpenTerminal a lot – mostly to open a terminal in a directory, followed by “mate .” to open a textmate project in this directory. This quickly becomes annoying, so after looking into AppleScript, I took the plunge and wrote my first AppleScript. what a weird language. Anyway, you can dump this into AppleScript Editor, and when you run it, it opens a textmate project of the front-most finder window:

on run
tell application "Finder"
set frontWin to folder of front window as string
set frontWinPath to (get POSIX path of frontWin)
tell application "TextMate"
open frontWinPath
end tell
on error error_message
display dialog error_message buttons {"OK"} default button 1
end try
end tell
end run

Save this as an Application (not a Script), and drag it onto your finder toolbar. Voila! TextMate at your fingertips.

Thanks you Mac OS X Hints, from where I got the pattern to do this.