Resizing your HFS+ partition? Oh boy, Adobe licenses suck!

After deleting a partition on my hackintosh, I’ve needed to resize my Mac partition to use the extra free space. Boy oh boy was I about to get acquainted with a monster. After lots of research online, I find that the only free way to increase the size of an existing HFS+ partition is to trick Bootcamp into creating a partition in whatever free space you have, then telling bootcamp to reclaim that partition into your mac partition. And for some reason my install didn’t have bootcamp on it, which you can’t download since bootcamp is not integrated into the OS.

So I came up with a smart alternative. And boy did that create probems… But I did get something running in the end!

Smart Idea 1:

I’d create an image of my whole disk, resize the image (which Disk Utility can apparently do), and then restore the image to the larger partition. Except, you have to save this image somewhere… And this image is 27gb big. Well, no problem, I can store that on one of my other harddrives.

Except that the one hard drive has FAT32 on it to be comaptible with everything, and you can’t store files larger than 4gb on it. And the other is NTFS, and mac can’t write to that if you’re booting from the OS X install cd. OH boy. So, due to filesystem issues, I skipped this plan.

Smart Idea 2:

Use Time Machine! After having my old macbook destroyed in a car accident, I moved all my data to my new macbook by using Time Machine. Why can’t I do that again? So I created a Time Machine drive (by borrowing an external HDD) and backing up by whole drive. I reinstalled OS X onto a bigger partition and used the Migration Assistant to bring all my files and applications back.

It was beginning to look like a success, until I attempted to open Photoshop. I’ve been working on mockups of my new website, so I was happily using Photoshop CS3, for which I bought through my friend Rohit at Adobe. So, I’ve been feeling extra-good about how I actually use a legal copy of Photoshop for my website. But this good feeling was greeted with a Activation window. It remembered my¬† serial from my old install, but when I clicked to Activate it (activate it again??) I was kindly informed that I’ve activated this photoshop copy enough times by now and I can’t before I deactivate another copy.

Well, heloooo adobe! Unfortunately for you, the previous install is long gone and there’s no way I can click your sweet little deactivate button. Apparently this is not good enough for them, so I’m stuck with a software program that cost me several hundreds of dollars, which I can’t use because I reinstalled my computer. Of course this means I’ll have to use less savory means to run Photoshop. At least I can wave my flag if they complain about doing things that way…

So, for future reference – deactivate your adobe software. At least, until enough people have yelled at them to take away that “feature”.

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