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Resizing your HFS+ partition? Oh boy, Adobe licenses suck!

After deleting a partition on my hackintosh, I’ve needed to resize my Mac partition to use the extra free space. Boy oh boy was I about to get acquainted with a monster. After lots of research online, I find that the only free way to increase the size of an existing HFS+ partition is to trick Bootcamp into creating a partition in whatever free space you have, then telling bootcamp to reclaim that partition into your mac partition. And for some reason my install didn’t have bootcamp on it, which you can’t download since bootcamp is not integrated into the OS.

So I came up with a smart alternative. And boy did that create probems… But I did get something running in the end!

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Arduino 16 SD and SPI interfacing

Just a quick note – the latest Arduino software does something terribly wrong in its interfacing with SD cards through the SPI interface (dunno if this affects all SPI connections or not, maybe!). I’ve struggled with this for days on end until I downgraded to 0014 and everything started working just fine!

Students arent made the way they used to be

A recent talk at Berkeley about the Engineering mentality, Freedom and Patents blew me out of the water. Here it is, transcribed. The author wished to remain anonymous.

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