BruteSoft comes out of stealth!

In between my studies and research (which is drawing to a close, by the way!) I’m also involved in BruteSoft, a startup pushing a dramatically different system for enterprise software distribution. We’ve been working hard at this over the last 6 months (although preliminary talks started almost 2 years ago), and we’re ready to come out and play!

To give you a snippet of the kind of things we do, I’ll pull out some highlights from the product page:

Today, BruteSoft provides enterprises with a radically new approach to managing their computers in an efficient and effective way, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

BruteSoft innovates software solutions based on our patent-pending federated distribution technology (DBx). Our solutions are secure, exponentially scalable and self-healing, eliminating hardware layers and delivering unrivalled speeds in an energy efficient way. DBx decouples client demand from distribution servers, which enables software distribution to an unlimited number of clients without the need for additional infrastructure.

Our products have reached the pinnacle of software distribution efficiency. As a proof point, our products are capable of transferring the equivalent of a DVD of 5GB within 5 minutes to 10,000 desktops on a 1Gbit LAN/WAN.

Go check out the website, and if you’re managing a large amount of computers (or know people who do!) send them out way!

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