Real Time Raytracing Success!

Oh man oh man oh man, two bottles of 5 hour energy and a delicous mug of Peet’s Major Dickasons freshly roasted coffee later and I’m doing real time raytracing!

Its nothing super fancy, but as part of the assignments I’ve been working out for the graphics class I’m TAing (CS184 at UC Berkeley) I’ve been putting together a framework for the students to explore raytracing in. And while we’re at it, why not try to make it run in realtime. Turns out that cutting out disk access and loading everything up into RAM, using OpenGL as a final pixel buffer to display images, gives you gobs of performance for free. Now who would have thought that? ;)

So, I’ll clean this stuff up and post some demos. Phong shading has never looked so good as when you can swing the camera around objects!

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