I got into Stanford, now what?

As the good news keep rolling in, with PhD acceptances suddenly going from scarce to abundant, I’m being slapped in the face by the question I should have been asking while applying – WHICH ONE?!!!?!

Undergrad was a fairly easy decision. Go to the best school you get into. Grad school… A little more complicated. The questions range from “Can I afford the area?” (easy, fellowships!) to “Will I want to marry someone from here?” (interesting… but not very informative still) to “Are there people I want to work with?” (crucial… but true for too many!) to “Do I want to live here?” (which just makes it harder).

I’ve had a fantastic run at Berkeley, and although there’s plenty I don’t agree with and plenty I’ve loved, I came out on top overall. But now that I need to again ask the question of where to go, life gets a lot more complicated really quickly!

On the plus side, it is President’s day, so maybe I’ll spend some money on two new monitors to complete my 4-screen desktop setup. Hmmmmmmmmm how does 3800 by 2400 pixels on your desk sound?


  1. Sushi says:

    Niels you’re amazing…

    Congrats on getting in…everywhere! I really want to get into Stanford. Where are you going?

  2. Niels Joubert says:

    So I’m going to Stanford!