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Installing Eclipse on Fedora Core 5 (with its own Java JRE)

I’ve been dying to try out the new Eclipse Ganymede, especially throwing the multi-million-line codebase i’m working on at Pixar into the new CDT version to see what will happen. Until now I haven’t been able to get eclipse working on Fedora Core 5 – the machine i’m using at work.

The main difficulty is to get Fedora 5 to use the latest JVM from Sun rather than the default GNU 1.4.2 compiler. There are several resources on how to make the global switch (this being the most complete I’ve found) but for some reason Eclipse was still not using it. So here’s how I managed to do it:

* Download and extract Eclipse to a local directory
* Download the self-extracting Java version
* Run the Java .bin file and extract its contents.
* Copy the directory extracted from the .bin file (“jdk1.6.0_06″ in my case) into the eclipse directory
* Create a symbolic link called “jre” in the eclipse directory to the jdkx.x.x/jre directory