DSLExtreme – my choice as ISP

“At last!” was the words I uttered after finally ending my Comcast contract. Not long after, my DSLExtreme modem (free with every contract) arrived by UPS, and I plugged it in with much anticipation. I called up their technical support since I was not getting an IP from their servers, and within 3 minutes from picking up the phone, I had an IP on my modem and I was surfing away. (Apparently you have to manually request dynamic IPs from them, so it was partially my fault that I was not getting an IP – although the process is a bit strange!)

Anyways, the average latency for web pages is half that of Comcast, and the download stats looks great too:

Unfortunately, you can’t compare this with any Comcast connection test, since their new “SpeedBurst” technology completely skews the result of any bandwidth test – they blast the first 10MB of data to you at high speeds, making these tests give you a very different result of what your long-running throughput will be.

Thus, my vote goes to DSLExtreme! They’re great. http://www.dslextreme.com/

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