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CHI 2008: Yay we made it in!

The CHI 2008 conference is winding down today, and I’m still excited that our Work in Progress paper got accepted to the conference!

CHI is arguably the biggest conference HCI/Design conference around – from their website: “CHI 2008 focuses on the balance between art and science, design and research, practical motivation and the process that leads the way to innovative excellence.”

Our paper was titled “Enhancing online personal connections through the synchronized sharing of online video” and came from the work that Ayman, myself, Marcello and Yiding did at Yahoo Research Berkeley during 2007. Some of our prototypes are making it into that allows for synchronous sharing of video. Also, our Yahoo messenger plugin Zync is not officially integrated into Yahoo Messenger – just click the “Watch with me” button when dropping in a video, and you get to watch video synchronously with the person you’re chatting with. Cool stuff!

DSLExtreme – my choice as ISP

“At last!” was the words I uttered after finally ending my Comcast contract. Not long after, my DSLExtreme modem (free with every contract) arrived by UPS, and I plugged it in with much anticipation. I called up their technical support since I was not getting an IP from their servers, and within 3 minutes from picking up the phone, I had an IP on my modem and I was surfing away. (Apparently you have to manually request dynamic IPs from them, so it was partially my fault that I was not getting an IP – although the process is a bit strange!)

Anyways, the average latency for web pages is half that of Comcast, and the download stats looks great too:

Unfortunately, you can’t compare this with any Comcast connection test, since their new “SpeedBurst” technology completely skews the result of any bandwidth test – they blast the first 10MB of data to you at high speeds, making these tests give you a very different result of what your long-running throughput will be.

Thus, my vote goes to DSLExtreme! They’re great.