A buddy at Cal sent me a link – – to play around with. Concept: upload your music to their site and listen to it online anywhere from the internet. make friends and listen to their playlists in a radio station fashion.

I like the idea, although i don’t know how feasible the idea of uploading my entire music collection to their servers (which happen to be Amazon S3 in the back), the idea is great. I’ve been struggling with the same problem – making my music accessible from anywhere – and this is one solution. Winamp has tried the same thing with their Winamp Remote, which runs a local HTTP server on your computer, and gives you access to your library through their web interface. Nowtune.come gives you the social aspect, and you don’t need to have your local computer running. then again, you need to upload your music.

I did find a bit of a security hole (if you can call it that) that i’ve decided to keep private for now. Youtube, google video, all these sites have basically the same problem they’re looking at, but there are ways around it in this case, which i’ll gladly give them the time to fix.

Anyways, definitely something to look out for.

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