YUM (Yellow Dog Updater) and MySQL 5

I’ve been working on 2draw.net for a while now with Marcello, and one of our issues in managing packages on a CentOS installation. YUM seems to have become almost a standard in the RPM distribution world, so we followed suite and unpacked this little python app of magic.

I’ve been battling to get the latest MySQL version up and running, so i thought i’d post up the first few steps to update MySQL through YUM.

I’m using the CentOS repository for YUM. To get the latest MySQL, you first need to enable the CentOS PLUS repository.
<br />Find your yum repository directory:<br />cd /etc/yum.repos.d<br />emacs CentOS-Base.repo<br />Find the [centosplus] section<br />Make sure the following flags are set:<br /><br />enables=1<br />gpgcheck=1<br />

Once this is done, you can go ahead and install mysql:

<br />yum install mysql<br />


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