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This Semester’s Rough!

Here I find myself once again two days away from a deadline and sick as a horse. Not fun! Must have eaten something off……..

So in between coding on Bezerker, my Web Server in C, and signing up for classes, i get some solace from the wise words of some random blogger:

“We need to slow down, think about our priorities, and ask ourselves what the point is of an expensive kitchen remodel when we don’t take the time to cook, and why we work so hard that we never have time to see the people we love,” she said. “Maybe if we traded some of our discretionary income for discretionary time, that would be the true luxury.”

(From Eating French)

And of course RJD2 always keeps the party rocking:

Plush – Jet Life

I still find this one of the most descriptive songs I know:

Jet Life, by Plush:

Jet Life
i’m living live like a rockstar
how i really want to go far
from here

cool cats
riding the town like they own it
that is something i will never get
oh, i will never get that

and i do believe
i do believe
no-one feels this pain
inside of me

dead tired, dead tired
im dead tired of all of this
dead tired, dead tired
im dead tired of all of this
dead tired, dead tired
dead tired of all of this

jet life, slow life
picking up the broken pieces of my life
tentative hesitant a bit
it all looks so positive

its a shame about the world though
lost dreams and no tomorrows
its a shame its such a stuff-up
you know it wouldn’t be
if we weren’t all so stuck up

cause we know nothing at all
if we didn’t realize that we’re so small
one shake of the earth
one spin of the sea
we’re squashed up bugs beneath God’s feet

all i am is a believer, all i am is a believer
are you a believer?
we’re all just dreamers

dead tired, dead tired
im dead tired of all of this
dead tired, dead tired
im dead tired of all of this
dead tired, dead tired
im dead tired of all of this
dead tired, dead tired
im dead tired of all of this

while the rest of the world is fighting
in a war that no-one survives in
young men are sift
before they’ve even lived
well that doesn’t seem fair to me

and daddy’s at home, he’s angry
cause he’s Son’s no longer his property
well man you had the wrong perceptions
cause he was never your possession

and women walk around
with mace in their bags
just a piece of meat
waiting to be tagged

well i can’t believe this happens in my land
i can’t believe the value of the Rand

oh jet life, everybody’s striving for a good life
and nothing’s gonna happen if you sti around and waste time
you’ve gotta move
you’ve gotta prove
you’ve gotta stay humble
or this world will surely crumble

*acoustic solo*

YUM (Yellow Dog Updater) and MySQL 5

I’ve been working on for a while now with Marcello, and one of our issues in managing packages on a CentOS installation. YUM seems to have become almost a standard in the RPM distribution world, so we followed suite and unpacked this little python app of magic.

I’ve been battling to get the latest MySQL version up and running, so i thought i’d post up the first few steps to update MySQL through YUM.

I’m using the CentOS repository for YUM. To get the latest MySQL, you first need to enable the CentOS PLUS repository.
<br />Find your yum repository directory:<br />cd /etc/yum.repos.d<br />emacs CentOS-Base.repo<br />Find the [centosplus] section<br />Make sure the following flags are set:<br /><br />enables=1<br />gpgcheck=1<br />

Once this is done, you can go ahead and install mysql:

<br />yum install mysql<br />


Configuring client routing tables through DHCP

I’ve been playing around with an ubuntu linux server connecting our two apartments together, and the aim of this port is to explain how i’m going about routing between two subnets, each with their own default internet router. I’m using the power of DHCP3 on my ubuntu box to set routing tables on all clients connecting to the network to properly route through the correct gateways.

The network topography looks like this:

Internet <--> [router a] <--> LAN 0 <--> [Linux Server] <-> LAN 1 <--> [router b] <--> Internet

So, hosts in LAN 0 must use router a to get to the internet, and hosts in LAN 1 must use router b to get to the internet, but hosts on both LANs must use the linux server to get to each other. Thus, the server must do IP forwarding / IP routing, and the clients needs the proper routing tables. To get around the dumbness of the DLink router a and b, i’m running DHCP3 on the server to hand out routing and IP information to clients on both networks.

The resources i’ve found useful in setting up this config is: