Strange Music videos, and Youtube – now with Inline Ads!

It looks like the folks over at Google has been keeping busy with Youtube lately. They have a new player, quite a major redesign of their original, now on their website. The color change is a bit startling – the red bar now indicates playing instead of downloading (gray bar) which is just confusing.

But the big stunner is the ads they put over video. Everyone is trying to get some revenue from the tons of videos being watched online (something like a 30% click-though rate in video search results) and superimposed ads, like what Youtube is doing, is a step towards the classic Television-like banner ads. We’ll have to see whether this is the “big answer” for video advertising. Personally, I find it distracting and annoying, especially since Youtube content is generally so short. Luckily they included a little “close” button to get rid of it.

Then, to (hopefully!) demonstrate this ads appearance, here’s a crazy little Red Hot Chili Peppers video I found. I’m sorting my RHCP collection (I have just about every song ever published by them) and in the process I figure i’d poke around for some less well known RHCP music videos. Have fun with this one:

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