Let’s connect many many LEDs to Arduino

Seeing is believing, right? So it’s not that surprising to see that many people have gone to great lengths to hook up tons and tons of LEDs to various hardware projects. Youtube has some cool videos, which will have to keep my happy until I recieve my shipment of MAX7129 chips. More on that later ^_^

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  1. becca says:

    okay so i love you. did you know that? i hope so. and i miss you! lots.

    congrats on driving! that’s very exciting. i hope that works out for you, be safe! i’ve gotten in my share of accidents, and they are no fun, no sir.

    how’s berkeley! i wish i were there! i miss everyone so much, ugh. but your comments make me happy, thanks :)

    we are so totally flying kites when i get back. oh yes. it’s on.