Electric Daisy Carnival – In retrospect

The summer is almost over and in the process of ordering books and supplies, i started browsing around for some Electric Daisy Carnival clips. EDC was awesome, with great music and great people. So here’s some clips I found. If you couldn’t make it – see you there next year! 25 000 plus *beautiful* people…

Colette from the Deep House stage – where I spent most of my time. Colette sings live, which is totally uncommon and siiiick.

Opening (“Didn’t mean to turn you on”)

“About Us”

Kaskade of course rocked the party (he did Gleb…)

The quality sucks but check the nice visuals on those screens!

There’s tons more but I can spend only so much time looking through crappy Youtube videos before I am obliged to get some better quality and more satisfying stuff… Let me go put on some vinyl

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