’s Fontenna a disappointment, although other factors might be to blame.

I was very happy to be one of the Foneros who received a free Fontenna in the mail a week ago. I live right above a street full of eateries and coffee shops, and hoped to direct my Fon spot straight into the Starbucks at the top of the street with my new Fontenna. After installing it against a wooden panel on the one wall of my apartment, I see no noticable increase in range or coverage. In fact, I put a Netgear RangeMAX router right next to it with no external antenna, and the Rangemax managed to give me just as good if not better coverage. Attributing this to the technology inside the RangeMAX (7 dynamic antennas), I hooked up a cheap $30 D-Link router with its tiny built-in antenna, and the signa strength was better than the Fontenna when I moved several rooms away – to the point where I could still use Internet with the D-Link while the Fonero/Fontenna match could barely connect.

I’ve begun to look into interference issues – as an Amateur Radio operator i’ve seen issues with antennas that seem barely possibly, such as ground planes, electric wires, conductive surfaces becoming reflectors, etc. etc. that completely destroy an antenna’s performance. hopefully I can nail the bad reception to one of these issues. Still, it is a disappointment that the Fontenna didn’t work as well as I expect.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    You know that Fontenna is a directional antenna, right? ….

    …and that the globe spectrum of directional antennas are quite narrow at certain ranges.

    Just to let you
    know ” Mr Radio Operator ” :P