Handy Tip: Adding custom entries (Emacs!) to right click menu in Windows

So my good ond Linux laptop recently stopped booting – i guess it finally gave up after than nasty drop a couple of months ago! So, spending all my time on Windows, I naturally had to get emacs up and running, since I’ve pretty much fallen in love with emacs over the course of this semester. After installing the windows copy and customizing it with the .emacs file and additional goodies from Berkeley’s Radio Astronomy Lab I wanted to be able to open all my random files with Emacs. And boy, i don’t want to make file associations for everything. So i found this handy tutorial to add an “Emacs It!” selection in the general right-click menu in windows.

This is from Tech Recipies:

Customizing Right Click on File:

-open regedit (start\run, type regedit)
-expand until you are in: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell
-if the key ‘shell’ does not exist, right click on * and add new key and name it ‘shell’
-to add the item right click on ‘shell’ and create a new key, the name of this key will be what appears in the menu. I named mine “cmd”
-next right click your newly created key “cmd” and create another key under it named “command”
-double click the default entry in this folder and type in command.exe
-(if you are doing a different program, you would do the complete path to that program instead of command.exe)
-that’s it your done, now when you right click on a file the option to open a command prompt will be there!

Yup, there we go! Pretty handy stuff.

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