Yahoo, Astrophysics, Computer Science, Research – Too much to do, too little time!

My blog has been very much neglected over the last few weeks! And no wonder – it’s 2am and i’m sitting in the radioastronomy laboratory on the roof of Campbell hall with 6 other students, slaving away at our research papers. Yesterday night I was in this same room until 4am to collect and reduce data. The night before that was an all-nighter in the basement of Soda Hall to implement BigNums in C for a Scheme interpreter. I was out Friday night until 3am with my girlfriend. Thursday night was Abhi’s birthday party, so we were out until 3am. Every morning I get up between 7am and 9am. This makes for very little sleep over the last few days. Thus, my blog lies somewhere in between exersize (which I crave) and reading philosophy (which has been lying next to my bedside table since the semester started).

I’ve also officially started with Yahoo! I’m at the Yahoo Research Berkeley labs, with a great group of people. I spent the last week getting settled in – network security, SSH access, RSA keys, etc – and getting to know their architecture and development platform. I’m situated in the Media and Community research/advance prototyping group. I can’t disclose what we’re working on – NDA – but i’ll keep this space updated on programming and the like. I’m very excited to be working in this area, and my direct manager Peter Shafton and his team has some awesome cutting-edge stuff going on. Badge and all, I’m happy to be a Yahoo!

In school i’ve been battling with MIPS and C in my computer science course, and radioastronomy keeps me up with fourier transform on fourier transform of sampled data.

Of course, I can’t forget my personal life, so snowboarding next weekend!

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