The First Two Days – just getting into it.

Its only been two days and i’m already up here in the RadioAstronomy lab trying to figure out how 21 units appeared on my schedule… CS61C, Physics 7C, EE120, EE40, Astro 121, IEOR 190C, Decal… And I haven’t even started at Yahoo! Good thing, because in the next week I’ll have to wittle down that list of 7 classes to a much more managable 5… hold on… make that 6. 17 units. Sounds good. And 10 to 15 hours per week at Yahoo. That should leave Friday nights open for some time with my girlfriend. Then again, she’ll most probably be up in Worster working on an architecture project ;) Life is good eh?

Ok, now not to get too much into going on about my personal life (which is exceptionally great at the moment), I’ll get to what I DID want to talk about. I walked into the RadioAstro lab today and ran into the local tech/engineer guy Jonah and a guy named Andrew (another student), busy tinkering with a little AMD-based board that they’re hacking to make an Ethernet-enabled sensor box. We had an interesting conversation about using technology and engineering in the astrophysics field, and the Center for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research (CASPER) came up, directed by Dan Werthimer (of Seti@HOME fame). I haven’t heard of them before, but they’re doing some awesome stuff! Taking the tools that Engineering teaches and applying that to the sciences. A very worthy cause in my mind!

I’ll say more later, but right now we need a program to capture some telescope data. w00t!

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