Snowboard Extreme!

I had a wonderful break in Yosemite, where I spent two days learning how to snowboard at Badger Pass. I'm hooked! Its an amazing feeling to have control of your board and zoom down the slopes!

I also cross-country skied out to Glacier Point. We covered just over 10 miles our first day, which HURT! Its beautiful to get out and leave civilization behind on your cross-country skies though – those of you whole always end up spending days on end with the crowds on the slopes should try it out. Bliss!

Its also now almost the start of the next semester. I'm hoping to focus this blog on my programming and design/development during this semester – I'll be doing micro circuitry in EE40, C, Assembly and MIPS in CS61C, and web development for Yahoo! Sounds like a fun-tas-tic semester!

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