Reddit is Awesome – Flaming Lips, Fusion Energy and No Pants combine!

You just simply have to love Reddit now don’t you? Where else can I find information on the best news stories in technology, science, music, politics and, well, in today’s case, public semi-nudity? (that last one is a special treat on Martin Luther King day i’m sure!)

Check this out… 200 people ride New York’s underground without pants on! Why? Because it’s “No Pants Day!”. For a moment there I thought that BART might be fun this way, but then again I can see far too many problems trying that in the Bay Area ;)

Also, The Flaming Lips did a great cover of the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy”, making it a war protest song. Some pretty sweet music going down here!

Then, for the science of today! China’s scientists apparently show that a fusion reactor is feasible! This is probably the most exciting news of the year! Take, for a moment, the current global energy and global warming crisis, and think about the biggest problem, the reason there is an issue at all. Well, I think we can universally agree on the fact that it is the rampant energy consumption of current day civilization that depends mostly on costly, dirty fossil fuels that cause carbon emissions and a rape of the earth for more resources. Thus, if we can replace our whole energy input system with something that is truly clean (as in, the by-products are helium and other light elements), extremely effective and extremely powerful (uses the same principle as the sun’s energy production). Boom! It might not solve global warming immediately, but will it put our species back on track for survival like no other!

Where is this miracle technology? Well, right here! Nuclear fusion – the process of combining atoms to form heavier elements – has been understood since the turn of last century, but has until now been out of reach of our technological capabilities. It seems to be coming within our grasp – This is excitement!

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