Lets pop the champane, Rails 1.2 has arrived!

Yes indeed, Rails 1.2 is officially out. My gems are updating as we speak, and Agile Web Development with Rails Second Edition should just about be in the mail ;)

The concepts of REST (Representational State Transfer) that technically seeks to model web sites as a state machine is the new hot thing for the Rails community, which means the focus is all on resources that can be accessed through simple GET and POST methods to a set of simple controllers.
This is a very vague incomplete description, but that is one of the big effects of going the REST way, which is what Rails is doing. I like the idea for its abstraction – data, with a layer of “views” built on top of it, with simple intuitive access to these views. There’s a whole bunch of cool things going on, and instead of me babbling about it (dude… it’s still downloading!), read what the core people are saying.

In other news, what’s Google up to… Would you believe me if you say that Google could possibly become bery much THE INTERNET? Read Cringely’s post on Google’s Fiber control, its interesting!

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