WINE – ByeBye Windows

Finally, My windows installation has been given the last shaft. After getting WINE up and running, I can run my favorite Windows programs right inside Linux without a hitch. There’s really only been 3 or 4 apps that keeps pulling me back to Windows – all of them freeware – and finally I can bid my hefty windows installation goodbye. Why is that a good thing?

A) Yes, I do not like Microsoft, and I do not like their stance on DRM and privacy AT ALL
B) I have a dual-boot machine ANYWAY, since I do all my RubyOnRails development in Ubuntu, its just too much of a pain to do it in Windows.

So I can get rid of the dual boot, switch to a better format than NTFS for my file storage, and by happy!

Here’s a beautiful screenshot of uTorrent running from Ubuntu:

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