Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la *whack whack whack*

Ah, it’s the season for Christmas lights, shopping for presents, sitting around the fireplace sipping hot chocolate (hmmm those with the little marshmallows on top) and listening to the family telling Christmas stories. In corporate America, i’m sure its the season to make that revenue target as well, and I find my inbox overflowing with specials, discounts, rebates, offers and just about every other way to entice me to start swiping that credit card (and I *just* managed to get my bank balance look pretty nice…)

My response to this is, well…. I’m becoming afraid to leave the house lest some Santa attack me with coupons… Christmas becomes something like this way too quickly:

Actually, that looks pretty fun, but Santa is fast becoming (at least in my mind) the image of helplessly executing your bank balance. Now, this would still be okay (I really do enjoy giving presents to the loved ones around me) but then guilt kicks in. Its *horrible*! You start feeling guilty about spending all this money that you really shouldn’t, and then the guilt kicks in about not giving presents to those around you. The hand-made Christmas card and accompanying poem is a great idea, but who these days have time to sit down and be creative when the shops are waiting! Hurry! Go! Spend! Buy! Share the LOVE! You wouldn’t dare to not show your appreciation for that special someone during this season of debt and debauchery!?

Oy, okay, let me get to West Valley mall to find something for girlfriend!

What I find most appalling about this whole turn of events, is the maiming that it does to the honest feelings Christmas holidays induce. I think all of us do want to really show some love to those around us, but the commercialization of Christmas drowns out any concept of how to do this other than going out and getting out some Greenbacks! What do to?

I think I have a suggestion…

Let’s do the Time Warp again!
Its just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
put your hands on your hips
and hold your knees in tight
now do the pelvic thrust
’til it drives you insane!
Let’s do the Time Warp agaaaaaaaain!

Time for another screening of everyone’s favorite double-feature science-fiction show! The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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