End of the Free World?

I was slightly shocked to, on this bright Christmas morning, find this article on Reddit.com:

Almost 70 years after George Orwell created the all-seeing dictator Big Brother in the novel “1984,” Britons are being watched as never before. About 4.2 million spy cameras film each citizen 300 times a day, and police have built the world’s largest DNA database. Prime Minister Tony Blair said all Britons should carry biometric identification cards to help fight the war on terror.

Blair said citizens have to sacrifice some freedoms to fight terrorism, illegal immigration and identity fraud.

“We have a modern world that we are living in, with new and different types of crime,” Blair said Nov. 6 at a press conference in London. “If we don’t use technology in order to combat it, then we won’t be fighting crime effectively.”

End of the Free World, huh? Indeed it seems like it! There’s no “My Privacy” on Britain’s Camera System! There’s a drastic difference between information you choose to make public (Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, etc etc) and forcible control by the Government!

Read the article at Bloomberg

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