Knoppix LINUX, coming to a USB drive near you!

In my traversing of other people’s accounts i happened across something that looked interesting – “How to install Linux on a bootable USB drive”. Since my Physics midterm is over, why not grab the USB drive and have some fun?!

The installation was completely seamless, took me about 10 minutes (including download time, the 50Mb download took a while), and the instructions was easy as pie. The distribution of linux is called “Damn Small Linux” and is based on Knoppix. It is absolutely amazing to see what they fit into 50Mb! Really, there’s a full X-windows manager, firefox, pdf readers, office products, databasing, all the tools below the hood that you need.

I booted it up as a virtual machine (this first i’ve ran on this laptop) and Linux is now a nice window alongside Firefox and Yahoo! Widgets. Check it out:

This seems like a great way to have Linux and Windows working interchangably – thinking of web development, working on the front end in photoshop and the like, and still having a linux windows to pop into and do some real coding work will be great. The performance seems pretty sluggish at the moment, but since it is a stock install and Windows only gives it about 125 Mb of RAM and almost no processor access, that is to be expected until i tune it up.

I’ll get back on this, but in the meantime, grab an old USB stick and say yes! to Linux!

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