Yahoo! Hack Day: Winners and Photos!

Yahoo’s main offices are empty, silent and exhausted after an intense two days of excitement! The hackers are heading home, the wireless network is going down, and the winners are basking in glory.

And the winner is???
Audrey, Diana and Emily’s Blogging in Motion!

Congratulations girls, you did a fantastic job and you really exemplified the spirit of Hack Day! It was great to spend some time hacking together!

Blogging in Motion!

Media galore!

Where’s all the cool photos of the event? WHERE?
I’m still asking myself this as well, but do look at the Flickr Group for Hack Day and look out for the tags hackday06 and yahoohackday. I’ve also posted a bunch on the flickr page. Also, ABC7 and CBS5 has news coverage of the event.

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  1. an orange says:

    Niels! it’s me, Audrey. it was fun meeting you & hanging out at Hack Day. aw, thanks for mentioning us!

    let me know if you make any progress with that mail stuff, btw. :) do you even still get access to it?