Yahoo! Hack Day: Presentations!!!!

Presentations are starting off!


“A story of a guy… 25, two kids, moving to SF… he’s nervous, what does he do, he dont know anyone… this is me!”
I register at Gutentag. You describe yourself in tags and location. Other people that are similar to you becomes your friends, and located places and events (Local and Upcoming) that these people have tagged. You hit on a person or event to get more info.

ClipClip: A map mashup for the people

Making map mashups available to non programmers. ClipClip takes snapshots off the web – photos of websites (small parts). ClipClip now tags this according to map location!

Maya’s Mom
A network for parents.
Using Yahoo! Answers to ask questions on their website and it queries Yahoo answers!
Automatically pulls up the ZIP code automatically.
Uses flickr for cool photos!

Peter Chan from Chicago!

A webpage wth an address and an event! But there’s no map! we want to add one!
You hit their link, their server looks at where the request comes from, scans the page, and maps any addresses it finds!!!!!

Terry Chang and co.
Mashes Riya and Flickr! You get coords from Riya and photos from Flickr, and then you can replace faces on photos and send it off as ecards!
Tries to look for suspicious kinds of patterns to eliminate sites that tries to gain recognition through spamming and other activities. Identifies Schill candidates! Looks at posting patterns and tries to identify patterns of people trying to drive traffic.

MSN mashup
Invite contacts on MSN, and they get an email…
[Sorry, i was talking to someone and i missed this presentation!]

Print a pretty imprompto poster!
Uses the MPF of sharp, with a custon screen on the printer, you ask for a tag on flickr posters, ad the poster prints off a high quality poster off whatever flickr rates as most interesting.

Yahoo mail with flickr image association

Dan Lindquist

it lists your inbox with images polled based on a parsing of your subject!!! Takes words of the subject, and gets images off flickr that goes with what they think it represents.

MP3s mashed with

Looks at your MP3s on youre harddrive, and then finds out from when these people are playing! Soo it finds shows for you! (

Tripr by Jason Barnes and the Canadians!

Combines different types of media to make your own trips!!! You get to log trips on their cool maps, adding waypoints, photos, and it is all against your yahoo mail account, and you get to use the functionality of jumpcut and flickr’s geotagging!!!

The Color Field Camera

inspired by flickr color picker and the one pixel camera!

PHotos comes live from Flickr according to what color the camera is pointing at! And it has a very nice interface!

Spump! woooo yay!

pulling your delicious links with a live AJAX chatroom! one side is websites, one side is chatting, and it creates a live blog of what you’re saying!!!! Everything you say is tagged against the specific delicious tag.

Technorati Widget!
Uding YUI! put a tag, and uses technorati to tell you what people are blogging about right now!
Real time blogging responses of what people are writing about! Live AJAX up-to-the-minute reponses of what people are talking about all over the web! Monitoring the buzz on the net!

All in YUI and Javascript!

Never eat lunch alone!

Presented by Shannon Clark

You give it your address book, it finds out who are near you and tells that to you. Returns a subset of your address book according to geocoded location.

Printing Widget

Public space printing! An honest broker between yourself and the printer… And we use Yahoo! Documents are uploaded to Yahoo, you log on at the printer, and select and manage the documents.

Ybox: Next Gen set-top box

Josh and Tariqk

Make a device that pulls Yahoo info and puts it on your TV!

Mobile Yahoo Widgets for Project 17
Started a year ago with MoJAX – mobile AJAX! on your mobile, Yahoo weather on your mobile, its all there!!!

They do have a beta of their framework amazing!


Using binary search on a screen to place your pointer!!! You can get anywhere within 5 moves to move your cursot!

LEverage a yahoo property to tag video and audio! using data: urls to encode mp3s!
Files gets uploaded to, splitting files into chunks and put it as links on and we use…

Y!Notice and

Uses the new Adobe software…

Y!Notice puts RSS feeds from Yahoo onto your desktop…

Uses webcam, takes pictures and upload it straight to Flickr from your desktop!

Flickr Friend Finder!

Fetches address books, and looks the people up on flickr!!! Drop in a little preview of the photos! click thgrough to which you want to add onto your flickr account!

Uses Plaxo’s software, so that it can cintinually poll in the background.

Blogging in Motion!

THis project rockes and that’s all there is to it!

Live blogging from a purse!

Monologr – Easy Audio Slide Shows

You record audio as you click on photos and this becomes a slideshow with pictures!!! This can then be replayed!

GR33TR by Team Cisco

A virtual icebreaker! pulls together info from all the different yahoo companies!

Property Shifter

Markup properties in neighborhoods with informations and prices and the like. Uses GAPPER to Screen Scrape! You can now tag information to properties!

Social Network mashup with Geocaching Robert Mao from China.

Maps people and their photos to locations, so that you can go around on a map and see cool pictures!

Plaxo plugin for yahoo! messenger

The name says it all!!

Flickr Rel 8
Richard Kiss!

How do you get a giant TV with no money???
playing with photos!!! Wrote a game!
Three photos, guess which other one!!!


Jonathan Owen

get the UPC code off something, text it to them. Puts it on your wishlist, and get a text back with info on it!

Cal Henderson and Nigel Kennedy

Type in a word, get a digest from Wikipedia, some pics from Flickr and links from

Wall paper rotator using Flickr

Downloads pics from Flickr according to any tag you specify and sets it to your wallpaper!

Facemail from RubyredLabs

Puts the profile pic of people of the poeple who emailed you on!

Sunlight Labs’ Flickr Fruits

A slot machine and puts in fruit as pictures! hehehehe

Geolicious News Explorer

Interprets RSS feeds and sticks it onto a map!

The most amazing patric stewart puppet!!!

The funnnnniest progress first!!

KeepAustinBeautiful on Upcoming

Yahoo360 – like MySpace but for old people…

Mashed up Yahoo360 with MYSpace

Web Services Directory

A live web services directory with live AJAX querying of the service.

The most amazing tag aggregator!

A wonderful app that impressed the Yahoo people to no end. It scans through pages, finding the most used words, collerating that across pages, listing the most used tags and words… its more extensive than this but i missed some if it in the depths of my rib-consumption

Y Answers plugin for Messenger!

The smartest contact in the world! Goes straight to Yahoo Answers!

Radio Station Track along driving directions!

Plots where you can get MPR along any route!


Making collages online and photo-printing it!


Scrolls photos of upcoming events with a map point of where it happened!!!

And that’s a wrap folks!

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    Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.