Yahoo! Hack Day: I have my 0.85 seconds of fame on CBS5!

If you check out CBS5 you’ll notice a little clip of yours truly hacking away at his laptop! For some reason I must have looked productivre, cause they used a shot of my books (Yahoo! Hacks and Agile Web Development with Rails) and a shot of my typing as filler. :-) Abdul, the guy they interviewed, was also sitting at my table. Good stuff! Also check out the channel 7 news coverage of the event.

Be sure to check out Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog and the tags hackday06 and yahoohackday on Flickr!

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  1. Rohit Nambiar says:

    DUDE that is so awesome. They showed the RAils book, i’ve….ive used that book. I used a book that is now a celebrity. Hey did you get that Yahoo hacks book for free?