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A series of unforgettable moments

CalSO is life consisting of a series of unforgettable moments.

… where did it go?

July 17th, 2006. A day to remember. And of course, at 1:38 in the morning, with a horrible cold, a sore back and a glass of iced tea as empty as my heart right now, what better to do than write about the bullet train that just dropped off 45 people to grab their gear and go forth on their own?

Yes, Indeed, I am no longer an active CalSO counselor. Rather, we have now become CalSO-for-life students. Funny, the bonds of CalSO is so strong that, in the process of leaving, it felt completely natural to be certain that we will all get back together and see each other again. All to probably a false hope – the odds are against gathering the whole group again – but I choose to believe that we will be able to keep in touch. We’re all still in the same country (… mostly) and we’re all Golden Bears (definitely) so I can’t be too sad about it.

I would like to sit back and reminice about the last 2 months of summer, and 7 months of life, yet I am very much living in the doldrums right now. CalSO was one of the big dips in the roller coaster of life, and we all sat in the little cart with out hands in the air, screaming our lungs out… right now, we just came out of it and we’re up on the other hill, pausing for a moment, collecting our breath, before the next big hit throws us through a set of mind-altering moves.

The future looks bright, but for the moment, I really only want to life right now, right here, in the present.

(except its almost 2am and i still can’t sleep, and i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to get up again without a morning wake-up call… okay, i’m missing everything terribly)


“The first time I have found a family outside my own”

The work is done, but the fun has just begun…

Possibly the first guy with a mohawk crying…

Last 3 days of CalSO…

From May 21st until now, July 12th.. Two more programs, three days of being a CalSO counselor in action before achieving veteran status. I hope to not be gunned down now, in the last rush. CalSO really is a life-changing experience…