Another day of lectures and activities, i’m once again back in the room, its once again bedtime, and once again i’m writing here for my own entertainment. Its a good thing i have no readers!
The best today was the focus on parent program today. Tonight, when I took the fixed-up bike out for a faaan-tastic ride, i took a break in front of Doe and called up my mom, and had a wonderful conversation about going to college and how she handled it. Again, I can simply marvel at her strength, her uniqueness, her truly out-of-this-world rooted-in-this-world viewpoint that so so so few people ever achieve and that she so amazingly exhibit. Her love trancends that second-hand definition of love that is called up in conversations, but contain – defines – the very idea that the word love attempts to but so greatly fail to define. Wow.

And this in the middle of discussions about which counselors will “hook up with who”. What a disgusting, derogatory term, breaking down (or at least attempting to break down) the sincerity I stand for in life. Hmpff.. sincerity, hadly the word. At least I got to know a bit more about some fellow counselors tonight.

Does every soul on this forsaken continent drink till alcohol flows from their veins? And… i’m supposed to accept this as part of a diverse culture or something? I don’t believe that fits the category.

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