Time to get real, yes?

This is the hour that you wonder why you kept watching “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” way after your bedtime… After a full day of fun (and not so fun) lectures and activities. Life is tough, ain’t it?

What did yesterday bring across to me? An interesting and not-covered-in-lecture ‘revelation’, actually. Respect is the term I use for it. I’ve been drilled by that term through high school so much that I might know the essence of it quite well, yet often simply ignore it subconsiously. Therefore… Respect your peers, respect your audience, respect your presenter. Francie brought that up too, now that I think about it – “Listen as if the person is really wise”.

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  1. Xira says:

    Niels is an excellent name. I just wanted to randomly compliment ya. Just ignore me if you want. ^_^