The Dangers of Exposure of Identity

After my little sharing session today I had quite an interesting (notice the euphemism) revelation.

The system is probing me quite directly to open up my kimono and do my jumping jacks (to quote Adams) by placing me in this emotionally charged situation where everyone is implicitly expected to have their own story and issue. By playing on emotions, and by supercharging the context, the repressive system that I was subjected to and the repressive system (and/or institution) I find myself part of pushes me to allow access to whatever emotional spots I might or might not have. But by allowing this system access to this information, you are suddenly ticked off and fitted into your stereotype. It is a method of elucidating your view on the repressive system so that the system can force you into a following.

In other words – never show your hot buttons to the system, because the system will push it, and push you into the position it wants by using these hot buttons.

It’s not easy to be able to express, with dignity and strength, from your own judgement, the righteous anger that can only be captured with the simple phrase “Fuck It”

The exploitation by the system happens in ways we do not expect it to work. Here is a new way that I am armed against.

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